- Go to the signup page and click PUBLIC.
- Fill in a few fields, confirm your email, and you’re in!

- Follow your favorite Artists and be the first to be personally notified when they come to your area as a Guest or at a Convention.
- Enjoy a private booking system with your chosen Artist.
- Improve your chances of the Artist answering your request as he/she has information about you through your profile.
- You can make a secure online payment of the deposit, if asked for by the Artist during the booking.
- 100% of our Artists are “VERIFIED” and personally selected by us.


- Go to the signup page and click ARTIST.
- If you are invited, insert your invitation code just after your email and password. If you don’t have any, just leave the field blank, your profile will go through our selection process.
- Once you’ve completed your SIGN UP, we’ll do a background check and inform you by email regarding our approval and whether we need some changes/additional information. This process might take up to 72 hours and during this short period your profile will be visible only to yourself.
- Only complete profiles will be considered.


For Studios:
- Go to the signup page and click STUDIOS AND CONVENTIONS.
- Select “Studio manager,” then the process continues in the same manner as an Artist profile.
- Any Studio, Studio Shop or Private Studio, must have the required material and follow all the rules concerning sterilization processes and security for the clients as well as the Artists.

For Conventions:
- Go to the signup page and click STUDIOS AND CONVENTIONS.
- Select “convention manager,” then the process continues in the same manner as a Studio profile.
- The profile can be used from year to year and just needs to be updated, with dates, etc.


For the online customer:
- The connection automatically spots the Artist on the map and helps customer visualize the location and environment where the artist is performing, ready for a tattoo request.

For the Artists:
- Each Studio and Convention connection will appear on his/her profile with a “Booking” button.
- The Artist will appear on the map in each location he mentions.
- Customers can then know when an artist is about to come around to their area.

For the Studio and Convention:
- The Studio presents its working environment and its Resident and Guest Artists.
- The Convention presents its event and attending TT Artists.
- In both cases Artists can be booked and advertize the Studio or Convention through his/her profile.


From an Artist profile:
- The connection request is always done from an Artist profile to a Studio/Convention profile.
- After login as an Artist, click the tab with your name and select MY PROFILE > AVAILABILITY AND TOURS – MANAGEMENT > type the Studio/Convention name. If it’s not on the list, you can add it.
- Connecting the Studio, select your affiliation as the Owner, a Resident Artist or a Guest Artist. As Guest Artist or for a Convention performance, set and check the dates before sending the request.
- You can also directly ask for the connection on the Studio/Convention profile in the “RESIDENT AND GUEST ARTISTS»/ «ATTENDING TT ARTISTS» section.
- If an Artist comes to a Studio as a Guest on a recurring basis, it would be simpler to connect as a Resident.

Approving the Artist’s request from a Studio or Convention profile means:
- You confirm that the Artist works in your Studio as the Boss, as a Resident or as a Guest Artist or is attending your Convention.
- You will receive a copy of each booking confirmation.
- Concerning Guest Artists, dates of performance you previously decided upon with the Artist are integrated into the connection request. Check that they are correct before accepting, as they will be displayed on the wall of all TattooTravelers members. One week after these dates, the information will be removed from the Artist’s section “AVAILABILITY AND TOURS”.
- If an Artist doesn't work any longer in the Studio, you can remove him/her from the list in your menu “My profile” in the section “Resident and Guest Artists”.


- From your account go to the tab with your name and select INVITATION.
- Every profile done thanks to your invitation code will be connected to your profile in the sections «Artistic Community». Each code is unique and can be used once. This is the link between you and your Guest.

There are 3 options:
1. Manually creating an Invitation code to start your additional Artist or Studio profile, or to give it to any other Artist friend.
2. Inviting Artists by email. You just need to provide their email address and the system will send automatic emails with a description of the platform and a personal code on your behalf.
3. Inviting your Guest Studios or Conventions. It works the same way as for Artists, with an appropriate message.


- What we call the “Artistic Community” is your network of Artist friends!
- Search for your friends using the “ARTISTS & STUDIOS” search engine, and then make a connection request in their “ARTISTIC COMMUNITY” section.
- If you don’t find the Artist or Studio you are looking for, invite them to TattooTravelers with an Invitation CODE!! You will be automatically connected to their profile as soon as they are accepted and online.


The “TTactivity” is the algorithm that measures your reputation and activity on TT, according to several parameters:
- For each professional connection between Artists and Studios, Conventions, Associations and Companies.
- For each friends’ connections in “ARTISTIC COMMUNITY”.
- When members click “Collector” on images.
- When members click “Follow” on profiles.
- Inviting new Artists on TattooTravelers.
- For each online contract with new clients.

This way the visitors can search Artists and Studios through the geographic location, the style practiced and the “TT activity.”